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pop art animal paintings

pop art animal paintings

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pop art animal paintings

  • Canvas print for Pamela Anderson
  • Canvas print for Jackie
  • Canvas print for Carole
  • Canvas print for Dawn
  • Canvas print for Brian
  • Canvas print for Aaryn
  • Canvas print for Joel
  • Canvas print for Maggie
  • Canvas print for HEATHER
  • Canvas print for Sharon
  • Canvas print for Michael
  • Canvas print for Kirstie

Big enough
It is a good product
Just got it so I havent had it long enough to properly review it, however its pretty awesome. Im glad I bought it, and would urge anyone thinking of buying something like this, really consider buying this one.
The only brand my son will wear in pants and shorts. Long lasting despite how hard he is on them while skateboarding. Good product!
Little bit heavy, but I love the way they look and feel. Sturdy.
runs small
The backpack is very cute and seems to be made of good quality. I purchased it for a work backpack and I only really needed it for carrying my laptop and charger. The backpack is way smaller than it is advertised, it can't fit a 13 in laptop and the zipper is located under the straps on the back making it awkward to open and put things in or to take out.
Bright lenses. I had to get these because I'm so cool. This allows people to realize that more. I bob my head up and down often while wearing these. Even through out an occasional "how you doin?" if the opportunity presents itself!
For some reason, O'Neill doesn't follow the same size charts that every other major clothing manufacturer uses. Order 1 size larger for a more accurate fit. Other than that, it is an okay product.
My husband loves it. He has carried cash and credit in a rubber band as long as Ive known him. I gave him this for Valentines and he didnt seem to thrilled until he used it. The rubber band has been retired. He has 7-8 cards in his and uses the band for cash. Look great.
Good price! Good quality!
Runs ridiculously long - for a 6'4" guy that weighs 170lbs. It's mislabeled as a 10" short.
This sunglasses are pretty nice!. I recommend to buy them
Adorable perfect roses. Goes great with everything
No issues yet.
I bought for a friend going to Florida that did not want to have to worry about something that was expensive getting damaged and they worked just perfectly for her.
I purchased 8 pairs and each of them started fraying after only 1 short wash on the gentle cycle.....I will not buy them again.
Perfect little bag and does not look cheap.
Amazing feeling. So comfortable!!
Perfect as usual
Great company, great product and great price
Finally, a pair of briefs that are very comfortable, look great, doesn't ride up my legs, and all for a great price! This is my first pair of bamboo briefs and will certainly be purchasing again. Great buy!
Best running socks ever. I use them for mud runs, street runs, trail runs and biking. They are great for anything.
After years in Puma no-shows from Costco, I bought 2 pairs of Darn Tough no-show running socks on a Massdrop deal. I've since bought 3 pairs of Darn Tough work crew socks, 2 pairs of these cushioned hiking socks in oatmeal and olive, and 2 more pairs of no-shows. Soon I'll have enough Darn Toughs to do their own special Woolite cold wash.

I still have a bunch of Puma no shows. As I can afford to put more Darn Tough socks in my drawer, the Pumas will go away.

Had no idea socks could make you physically feel better or I would have made this switch years ago. These are great year round, and Darn Tough makes a pair for any occasion.

Once you have a Darn Tough sock drawer you have lifetime guaranteed socks. Your sock routine will change because these really should lay flat to dry. The amount of elastic in them makes it okay to hang them over a dowel or clothesline though.

Show your feet some love with Darn Tough socks. If you're like me you won't go back.
For a purse that is advertised as "small", it sure holds a LOT of "stuff". I just LOVE it!!! It is a very versatile purse. It can be used with formal occasions or just jeans and a t-shirt. Now I need to order one in another color!!!
I googled the "I love Cony" on the bears tshirt. Here is what I found: "...Line Friends (stylized as LINE FRIENDS) are featured characters based on the stickers from messaging app Line. It was released in 2015 by Line Corporation, a Japanese subsidiary of the South Korean internet search giant Naver Corporation. These characters are used in various products, animation, game, cafe, hotel and theme park. The brand is currently managed by its subsidiary Line Friends Corporation since 2015.
Brown: silent but has a warm heart. His expressionless face is charming, as a friend of everyone who expresses his mind more than words. He seems he doesnt care much. But, he has a shoulder to share and has a big heart to hear you. He loves Cony who is full of energy, and always there for his little sister Choco.
Cony: she is bright, cheerful and full of passion. She gets super excited when she's with her beloved Brown. Cony's always curious and likes challenging new things, so she often make her friends surprised.
Sally: with her unexpected charm, cute little Sally brings joy to her friends with full of bright and wild ideas. Dont be fooled by her cuteness. She might reveal other side of her youve never expected!
Choco: Sweet, lovely Choco who loves fashion and sweets. She is shy like her brother Brown. But, once you get to know her, she gets along well even with Browns friends.
Moon: a funny guy who looks just like the full moon. No one knows where he came from, but he brings cheerful laughter to his friends with his wit and great humor..."
Perfect hat, can't beat this price. Will buy again.
The bag came perfectly packed. It is exactly what is being offered. Only downside, is that due to the light color, it is easy to get color transfer from dark washed jeans, but it cleans easily.
Too small put them all in Salvation box.