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canva custom t shirts

canva custom t shirts

Sale ends Thursday, September 10th, 2020 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.

Discount applies up to 90% off Premium Canvas Wraps and 50% off create your own wall art and photo products.

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the plastic tip of the holder aren't strong broke 2 sets within the first three days..
The fabric feels a tad thin, but seems durable. The tagless design opts for a rubberized paint, which if warm out will stick to your skin and 'feel' wet if you stand up from a seated position. I actually though I sat on something wet the first few times it happened.
i love it
Great soft, thin, breathable shirts. I wear them everyday under my uniform doing hvac
so good
Perfect !
As expected
Fits, exactly what I expected, comfortable.
I use the bag for work, I'm able to carry all of my items, phone included. I love this bag!!!!!
Not pleased. I ordered this for my husband and it is shiny, doesnt smell of leather and looks cheap cheap. Its very thin and looks like it could fall apart at any minute. I think the box it came in looked more expensive then the wallet itself. Im just a customer and this is my honest opinion after receiving this wallet. I wish I could give it negative stars.
Not worth the $20 I paid the picture shows grade A I received second hand bought one several years ago from Roses for $5 and its still holding up wish I would have bought another one of those live and learn anyway this one is only worth about $5 feel like someone owes me $15
Item looks/fits/wears exactly as described. Great seller...
love it - though I had to put in a stitch at the end of the zip to prevent the tag from going too far - no big deal. (I think it had travelled too far to the uk to send it back!)

great interior and exterior pockets which suit the size of my purse, diary, phone, etc.

really like the casual style - now i want it in red!
too hot.
I measured my glasses several times, 143mm. According to the writeup for these shades my glasses should fit. They don't fit perfectly as my older glasses do. My older glasses the hinge is about 1/3 down the side of the frame. On my new glasses the hinge is at the top, that placement makes a difference. With my new frames, the shades protrude out about a 1/2 inch. With my old frames the gap is less than a 1/4. I can use these shades with my new frames, they stay on and I do like they way they look.
I really love the color, feel, and size of my bag. I love when people realize it changes colors-their reaction is awesome. The only things I would change is 1-the length of the shoulder strap. (I am 5"5 and it is a bit too long for me). 2-There is only one pocket. It would be nice to be able to organize it a little. Still, I would buy it again in a heartbeat.
These rings were perfect for my granddaughters 6th birthday. She loved them!
This is the second time I've ordered these. I wear a size 36, and both times they were way too small. Although the tag says 36, these must be at least a size 32. They are definitely mismarked!
They're nice glasses for the most part but the smell is very odd to me. I don't know if the warehouse they were stored in burned down and these were salvaged from the wreckage but its very off putting. I guess over time the smell will fade but overall Id say they are worth 4 stars.
Great wallet. Just as described. The clip is heavy duty which is great.
So small and light-weight... Perfect to travel
I really enjoyed this shirt at first, I ended up purchasing 10 of them, but as time went by, they all started tearing from various locations. Once in the back tail the shoulder, the sides and the sleeve. I came to conclusion, the material is way to thin for consistent daily use. Save your money, I know I should have.
Great product and the price makes it even better. I read several reviews before buying this product to determine the right fit. I noticed the common trend was that the tops were large but the bottoms fit right. Im alright with some wiggle room so I was fine. I picks the size based on pant size. I wear a medium in all scrub pant brands so I picked Med here. Worked right. The top felt like a large, but again I was fine with it. It certainly didnt look like a potato sac.
great belt, I now own a couple of them and these are the best belts I ever had.
The designer/manufacturer of the belt, mr. Minson, is very helpful and communicative.
Products are well designed and the quality of the end product is great.
They seem smaller than my older "new wayfarer" and they don't have any identifying marks on one ear piece like my originals. I don't wear them. To small.
Husband wore a large in addias brand. In these he needs an extra large. other then he loves them
Item was defective. Holes and all.
These socks are not soft; they feel like itchy polyester.
Awesome fit! Very comfortable! Great price! might have to buy one of each color