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canvas 8x11 painting

canvas 8x11 painting

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great glasses for a great price
Great quality fabric. Really hold up over time
Did not last. Wasnt expecting much from a $10 watch but it broke way quicker than I thought it would.
Christmas gift finally husband, he has worn them before
Usually these things are really uncomfortable to wear and the seams are visible under your shirts. But this is different. Easy to put on. Although the compression could be better...
I bought these as lounge around at home only cheap sweat pants. For $9, it serves its purpose perfectly.

The fit on the waist is perfect, the leg is very baggy, but that's fine. It just makes it more comfortable. I'm never wearing these outside anyway... unless the 90s come back with the super baggy fit.

The material is a light medium weight and very soft straight out of the bag. I've been wearing mine for a week lounging at home straight out of the bag and so far so good.

Will update after washing and more wear.

Update: No pilling after washing and no shrinkage of any significance. Color held fast, no fading. Even if I get a year or 2 out of these, it's worth the $9.

I bought a pair of large as a gift after I was pestered about where did I get my cool red sweats...
A.J.Right used to be my store on everything with stylish,quality and classy styles until I don't know why and what reason it dissapeared out of thin air and left me furious,now I'm building my own A.J.Right store here in Amazon,Amazon has thousands of products and is hard to find da real high quality ones dat are worth to keep,but anyways I wanna say that it took me very long time to find da gold and many frustrations until I found these socks and da wait is finally over,I have bought every imaginable brand of socks in many stores and they all just crap,these days so many companies are making socks cheap quality and to tight especially on top da ring area or loop I call it dat everytime took their socks off it left me with some serious lines and swelling cutting off circulation and this needs to be addressed by da government,and there was also another brand dat they are real good da Perry Ellis socks dat I bought good quality but these are unmatched bar none da best high quality comfortable socks money can buy,now I'm a new customer thanks to this company and Amazon!!God Bless
Nice wallet, affordable price point and received promptly. Thank you.
daughter loved it
Just like the picture. Quality of material is great. Very happy with this purchase.
Looks better than it actually is. Side snap broke first time i used it. Material and stitching very cheap.
In December 2016 I bought 3 inexpensive polarized sunglasses:

- Duco Men's Sport's Style 8177S for $22.00
- Siren Polarized sports sunglasses TR90 for $8.99
- Hodgson Sports Polarized Sunglasses (no model #) for $21.99

I am posting this review on all three items.

*** Duco Men's Sport's Style 8177S ***
Price paid: $22.00

Glasses: These are the nicest glasses of the three. You will not mistake these for $100 or higher glasses, but still for the price I consider them to be very high quality. The arms have a spring built in, and they snap into position when opening and closing them, giving the feeling of quality. When closed there is a stop, so the arms do not touch the lenses. The material in the frame and arms is rigid, and the arms may be made of metal or include metal since they are cool to the touch. The lenses are polarized (as advertised), and the optics seem defect-free.

Accessories: These came with a nice zippered case, but the fact is that all three came with substantially the same case (although the fabric covering the case is much nicer for these than for the $9 Sirens). These came with a packet of multiple cleaning cloths, and a nice little printed card that changes image if viewed through polarized glasses.

Rating: Excellent (for the price). I kept these and use them as my primary driving glasses.

*** Siren Polarized sports sunglasses TR90 ***
Price paid: $8.99

Glasses: These are extremely cheesy. They are 100% plastic and the plasic has a relatively heavy textured finish, which is common on low quality molded items (the texture hides imperfections in the mold used to make a piece of plastic). These glasses are not rigid, again leading to an impression of low quality. The arms are very flexible, and hit the lenses when closed. The optics however appear to be good quality with no optical defects and good polarization.

Accessories: These came with substantially the same zippered case that all three did, although the material on the outside of the case was of lower quality. These came with a single cleaning cloth and nothing else.

Rating: Shockingly good for the price, although I wouldn't want to be seen in them. I kept these for use as an emergency spare.

*** Hodgson Sports Polarized Sunglasses (no model #) ***
Price paid: $21.99

Glasses: These were disappointing. The style on these is very similar to the Sirens, but on the website these appeared to be much nicer quality and more stylish. Unfortunately even though they aren't identical to the Sirens (I checked the plastic carefully and I convinced myself that they were manufactured in different molds) they are as or more cheesy. They did have some post-processing that add to the cost -- they had soft-touch rubber added to the part of the arm that goes over your ears, and they were painted. Unfortunately these additions made the glasses look even worse than the Siren's. These glasses were also just as non-rigid as the Sirens and had the same low-quality feel when opening and closing the arms. On the positive side, the lenses are polarized (as advertised), and the optics seem defect-free.

Accessories: These came with a zippered case that was very similar to the Duco case. These also came with multiple cleaning cloths and a printed card that changes image if viewed through polarized lenses.

Rating: Poor value -- The Sirens are substantially similar (a bit better actually) and are less than half the price. I returned the Hodgsons.
very nice glasses
Great quality and the color is perfect.
Exactly like thr original I replaced. Perfect!
They are too small for my husband. I submitted a return request 2 weeks ago. I am waiting for UPS to pick them up.
The product is exactly accurate to its describe and helps me driving better with clear vision.
still wearing them & they are very nice belts to have.
These are great undershirts. I was disappointed (like many others) to receive three black and two gray shirts. I'll go to a retail store next time so I can dig through and pick the packs with three gray shirts.
comfortable, needs pockets.
This was a nice wallet, but I measured my purse and it should have fit. It was too big. It was either return or get a bigger purse. I don't like to carry a big purse, so back it went.
I loved it. Had to return due to it not fitting my purse. It was too big (too long)
Product did not come
As pictured. My daughter was excited about frozen 2 underwear as seen in the picture, but frozen 1 is what we got. Disappointing.
My husband loves these
The purse is nice , but the middle pocket is already ripped and have barely had it long and now it has a hole in it
Husband loves this hat, its his fav and weve bought it twice now! Will buy again.
I love love love this wallet. I bought a patch off of etsy just so it fit my personality better but this holds my Samsung s9 with a UAG case on it, all my cards, pen, money, change literally everything and the zipper is sturdy, it doesnt feel like it's cheap and going to break.
The fabric is just a little thin, but that's how they keep the price down, worth the money, will buy again.
LOVE this tote! Plenty of room, and lots of pockets! It's the perfect size, sturdy, and well made. So happy I bought it!