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9x12in canvas painting

9x12in canvas painting

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young asian boy smiling printed on canvas

9x12in canvas painting

9x12in canvas painting

1 Year Warranty*
Classic Wood Frame
Museum-Quality Canvas
Hanging Hardware
(available dust cover sold separately)

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couple surrounded by red flowers canvas art

9x12in canvas painting

9x12in canvas painting

2 Year Warranty*
Warp-Resistant Frame
Patented Lightweight Construction
Museum-Quality Canvas
Black Matboard Backing
Hanging Hardware

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  • 9x12in canvas painting

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9x12in canvas painting

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9x12in canvas painting

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    9x12in canvas painting

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    9x12in canvas painting

    9x12in canvas painting

    9x12in canvas painting landscape or portrait

    9x12in canvas painting rotates the image clockwise

    9x12in canvas painting add guides to help center your image

    9x12in canvas painting optional black and white or sepia

    9x12in canvas painting Color Blur (most popular), Image (image wraps around the edge), or Solid Color

    9x12in canvas painting choose a size to best fit your image

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    9x12in canvas paintingshows how the front of the product will be cropped

    9x12in canvas painting

    9x12in canvas painting

    How do I know if my image will look good?

    Images with a small file size will receive a warning. If you are concerned about other image quality issues, please see Image Review & Enhancement Services available on the next pages.

    canvas art of pregnant woman with handwritten sentiments

    sharpie writing on black canvas

    9x12in canvas painting

    Give your image an edge, literally! Add a 9x12in canvas painting of your finished product. It looks nice on its own, but it’s also perfect to collect signatures & notes as a keepsake canvas. Choose from white or black margin options for any color permanent marker.

    Once you’ve selected your setting, click the 9x12in canvas paintingbutton to see a render of how your finished product will look.

    9x12in canvas paintingThe shape of the crop area may change slightly due to the change in aspect ratio in the center of the product once a margin is added.

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    I ordered this shirt as a medium because Ive found out in the past that Carhardt shirts tend to run larger than most brands. The medium fits like a normal large and it longer than most of my other T shirts. It is heavier than a standard T shirt and appears to be made well. So far I really like it.
    Fits as expected. Light weight, comfortable and perfect for guarding against summertime sun exposure.
    Loved these shorts
    For the price you really can't beat it. The quality seems great so far and looks very durable. Would def buy again.
    My husband was very impressed with these sunglasses! They look sharp and are very durable! He especially loves the spring loaded hinges!
    Great products just what I expected. And it was delivered real fast. The hat was a little smushed in the box but nothing a hat dome cant fix in a day. Overall extremely satisfied with what I got.
    This is awesome I love how it looks and the price is great as well I recommend buying this carbon fiber money clip it's amazing I will definitely buy another one soon.
    Well I have only been using the wallet for few days
    It seems very tight.
    But it is leather so it will be easier to use as I use it more.
    I like the style and it looks great.
    My wife likes the way to looks.
    So there you go.
    Wife likes it so it's good.
    Thank you for reaching out.
    great golf socks
    All I need really need to say is that it's a Carhartt.
    They are too small, but nice socks.
    Not as many pockets as I wanted, but does the job and seems sturdy.
    These replaced a pair of Oakley goggles that I've had for a while which were finally falling apart. These Torege's seem very well made for the price and what you get for the money is simply amazing. They come in a hard case that has a nice zipper on it. Multiple lenses for various applications are included which also come in their own very nice soft pouch. You also get a micro fiber carrying bag and a micro fiber cleaning towel. All of that for only $22 which is simply amazing.

    In comparison, my old $160 Oakley's only came with two lenses and a cheap carrying bag. If you get these Torege's, you won't be disappointed.
    Fresh and brand new sealed in the pack. Got them for a great price. They fit well and are very comfortable.
    Superb quality, durability, and comfort. Using these for my boots and they're great. I only have two pairs because they are built that tough. After a wash, they do fit a little snug but not uncomfortably so. The larges say they go up to site size 11.5. I wear a size 12, but the larges fit well. May order the XL next time because of the aforementioned post-wash snugness.
    Material is fairly thin. They did not stand the test of time. Have only had a few months and theyve already started wearing out. Probably wouldnt purchase again.
    Bought these for my fiance who wears a size 16 shoe. They were a Christmas gift. He goes through socks fast because he works a very physical job, and he got four packs of socks this year. These are his favorite. Fit, comfort and they seem the most durable so far!
    I dislike that is is not 100 percent cotton.
    Just as advertised
    One obvious difference between the Amazon photo and my photos are the sleeve length. The most obvious difference is I am not nearly as handsome or young as the model. I received a long sleeved shirt, not a short sleeved shirt.

    But now you know it is or will be available as a long sleeved shirt, too. I was actually much more pleased to receive the long sleeved version because of its SP50 sun protection. Even though it is very hot and humid near Houston where I live, I always mow the grass in a long sleeved shirt for sun protection and wear a giant hat and UV sunglasses. I have somewhat light colored skin and sunburn easily. My grandmother died of melanoma and my mother and brother both had massive scars from removing active melanoma moles. That was enough to convince me to eradicate my body of any and all moles. I calculated it would cost me two months gross salary for my co-pay. All I had to do was work an extra two months to pay for it. So 93 moles later, 11 were dysplastic nevi that would have become melanoma moles. Four were well on their way to a full melanoma and were on my back so I didn't notice they were inflamed. The other 7 looked perfectly innocent. The dermatologist said it is absolutely impossible to know visually if a mole is or will become melanoma unless you cut it off and a pathologist examines it. Some moles that looked highly suspect were okay for that point in time.

    That experience was very convincing for me to always stay out of the sun as much as possible and always wear long sleeved shirts and a large brimmed hat especially in summer. I may have looked strange wearing long sleeves in summer, but I am still alive. My younger brother, who did not take my advice, has a massively long scar on his right arm from his wrist to his elbow and more recently a giant scar on his biceps. We worked for the same company and he could have done the same thing I did. But he didn't and had far fewer moles than I did. And he paid the price worrying for weeks if he was going to die. Once melanoma cells get into your blood, you will die and soon.

    Revision after first use: This shirt offers far better sun protection than the white cotton dress shirt I've been using. Thiis Amazon shirt is thinner and cooler in fact. I mowed the grass in a heat index of 107 degrees - high humidity and 93 degrees. It has been an unusually wet summer so far. I did not sweat as much as usual in this long sleeved shirt The white cotton long sleeved shirt was always soaking wet in sweat along with my underwear and pants. I felt cooler in hotter weather with this Amazon long sleeved shirt even though the heat index was much higher. The actual air temperature about the same as I've been mowing in the white dress shirt. So this was a pleasant surprise. I will wear this Amazon long sleeved shirt from now on anytime I am outside including mowing the yard in any weather. It was wet with sweat when I finished mowing, edging and cleaning up the grass, but not nearly as much as my white dress shirt. I need to purchase a new white dress shirt because I've ruined both shirts I own. I just wish these Amazon sun shirt had a collar. That I definitely miss the collar which I turned up to block the sun from hitting most of my neck. I applied sun block lotion, but while sweating so much, it doesn't last long. A physical block to sunlight is much more effective.

    Your arms are very vulnerable to sunlight. That is why I am so glad to get the long sleeved version. Look at the underside of your arms. Compare that skin to the top side of your arm. Your arm would look the same on the top as underneath if it wasn't exposed to direct sunlight. Sun damage is permanent, cumulative and irreversible.

    Historically, men had melanoma mostly on their left arms and women on their right arms. Why? Men usually were the drivers in a car and women were passengers. You can get melanoma from simply driving your car from sunlight passing through the window. You can get melanoma in your eyes from driving without UV blocking sunglasses. The only solution is a surgeon and I dont need to elaborate.

    I cut off some long sleeves and always pull them over my arms in a car and wear prescription UV sunglasses. Even if I bought this shirt and cut off the arms, its cheaper than one doctor visit. Im 73 now. My first wife died from cancer at age 53 even with $4.6 million of medical bills that failed to save her life. Try paying the co-pay on that bill. I sold my million dollar plus house that was paid in full. My new wife was 24 years old and from the Philippines when I paid a plastic surgeon to cut 4 small moles off of her beautiful young face. One just inside her hairline was already dysplastic nevus. I never even noticed it. It starts early even with darker skin. My youngest daughter was only 11 years old when she got her first surgery right in the middle of her extremely thick hair.

    The material of this shirt is very soft and very comfortable. I like the neutral color of gray because I can wear it with almost any color of pants. I would have preferred a collar, but this works reasonably well as it is. With my current shirt, I turn the collar upwards to cover my neck while mowing. I will have to use liberal amounts of sun block lotion all over my neck area up to and including my ears. Ears are very susceptible and the back of your neck front and back, but especially the back side. The top of your nose is another forgotten place to apply sun block lotion. Nose surgery is not pretty. A single bad sunburn is all it takes any time in your life to endanger you in the future. Take it very seriously.

    Buy this shirt to protect your skin's appearance and extend your life on this planet possibly by decades. I hope Amazon comes out with a long sleeved Polo shirt with a collar soon. Ill buy several immediately. Maybe it already exists.
    Excellent purchase, quality lenses from a trusted name. I was somewhat concerned about a polycarbonate vs. glass lens. Probably need to be more careful, but as of now, excellent purchase.
    I really love this tote. the quality is really great!
    This was a perfect fit for me. It hold all of my cards & money plus my phone. It is well made and looks durable. I love the color as well.
    i looked for 3 mo to find everything i wanted well this is it. beautiful and durable i love the color and design !!!!
    It is great just what I wanted
    Esta bien Bonita
    So far, Ive had it for a month and I cant complain. Very cute, wide and easy to carry along for work
    Have purchased 3 pairs